Cereal Smarts

Cereal Box

Breakfast can be your best meal of the day.
That is, if you aren’t duped into eating a bowl of dessert for breakfast!

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How can we QUICKLY find the best choices in this ever-expanding aisle of marketing mass confusion? First, don’t fall for slick promo tags on the package. For instance, the “antioxidant-rich” Smart Start cereal may sound healthy, but it actually has more sugar than Fruit Loops. Bottom line: Read the nutrition label, not the package promotions!

To save you time and energy, focus on just these two numbers: Fiber and Sugar. Since most cereals are already low in fat, the key is to find one that offers at least 3 grams of fiber and no more than 8 grams of sugar (equal to 2 teaspoons of sugar… don’t you think that’s enough?).

Here’s a list of winners to pick from, listed alphabetically (not all-inclusive). All provide at least 3 grams fiber and no more than 8 grams sugars.

Barbara’s Bakery Shredded Spoonfuls
Barbara’s Bakery Breakfast O’s
Barbara’s Bakery Cinnamon Puffins
Barbara’s Bakery Original Puffins
General Mills Cheerios
General Mills Fiber One*
General Mills MultiGrain Cheerios
General Mills Wheat Chex
General Mills Wheaties
General Mills Whole Grain Total
Health Valley Apple Cinnamon SoyO’s
Health Valley Honey Nut SoyO’s
Health Valley Organic Chocolate Blast’Ems
Health Valley Organic Oat Bran Flakes
Health Valley Organic Oat Bran O’s
Kashi GoLEAN
Kashi Heart to Heart Honey Toasted Oat
Kashi Medley
Kashi Mighty Bites
Kashi Organic Promise, Autumn Wheat
Kashi Original Good Friends
Kashi Seven in the Morning
Kellogg’s All-Bran Extra Fiber*
Kellogg’s Complete Bran Flakes
Kellogg’s Original All-Bran
Malt-O-Meal Toasty O’s
Nature’s Path Heritage Bites
Nature’s Path Oaty Bites
Post 100% Bran
Post Bran Flakes
Post Grape-Nuts
Post Grape-Nuts Flakes
Post Selects Great Grains Crunchy Pecans
Post Shredded Wheat’n Bran
Quaker Crunchy Corn Bran
Uncle Sam Cereal

*Includes the artificial sweetener, NutraSweet, which some people choose to avoid.