You've Booked Zonya

I'm so pleased that you have chosen me to speak at your event. I want every single person in your audience to have a wonderful experience; laughing and learning their way to incredible health and lasting weight loss. But I want your audience to leave with something more; a renewed faith in their own ability to experience boundless energy and lifelong health through the power and practice of one good habit after another. Please let me know if I can do anything more to help make this event your most successful ever!
You're busy. So here's the information you will need once you've booked Zonya.

Travel Guidelines:

Hotel: Please secure a smoke-free room, with two double beds, with guaranteed late arrival the evening before the presentation.

Transportation: I will arrange full coach air travel and send you the itinerary. If possible I will prorate the cost with other clients. Expenses will include airfare, meals, ground transportation to the airport in both cities, and gratuities.

Please arrange for someone in your organization to provide ground transportation or send a sedan car service. Please send my office the confirmation number after arranging for prepayment.

Please let me know if there are any pre-event meetings or dinners that you want me to attend. If my schedule allows, I enjoy getting to know the attendees in advance and often find new ways to customize my presentation.

AV Requirements:

I need a wireless lavaliere microphone.

I may ask for a wireless handheld microphone for audience participation depending on the size of the group.

If I use slides I will need you to provide an LCD projector. I will bring my own laptop, remote control advancer and thumb drive.


I will email a handout master which you can reproduce and distribute to audience members.

Parting Gifts:

Many clients prefer to pre-buy books, DVDs, or other products as gifts for each participant at their event. Please click Zonya's Parting Gifts to check out the great gifts and special quantity discount pricing Zonya has to offer for your clients. You may also contact Zonya Health International toll free at 888-884-5326 for additional details.

Book Signings:

A post-program book signing is an ideal way to extend and enrich the program experience for your audience members. It's amazing how even a brief one-on-one conversation can motivate people to commit and act on what they have just heard.

For a successful book signing:
Please allow at least 20-30 minutes or more to give everyone an opportunity for one-on-one time with Zonya.

Provide a six-foot skirted table near the entrance of the room for the books and products.

Books and products will be shipped in advance, as will arrangements for their return. Please e-mail shipping information to:

Please have one or two people on hand to assist me during the book signing


I have extensive media experience and will be happy to do complimentary radio, TV or print interviews to help promote your event. Please call Zonya Health International to arrange details. 888-884-5326. 517-467-6995. email