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diet free cookbook

Did you know that Lickety-Split Meals can help you lose weight, control your diabetes, lower your cholesterol AND save you five hours a week?
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Time Saving Tips

Good health doesn't have to take a lot of time, especially when you put Zonya's practical time saving tips to work in your kitchen. Create your own fast food lane, where delicious meals and healthy snacks are ready to go when time is short and the cook wants to be somewhere besides the kitchen.

Save Time and Energy with Your Personal "Energy Bank"

In the story of Water with Lemon, Fowler was an expert at capitalizing on his high-energy days by cooking extra batches and plopping "home-made frozen dinners" into his freezer or "energy bank." Why cook just enough chicken breasts or meat loaf or salmon fillets for the meal you're having today? Why not cook a double batch for a couple of evenings of sanity when piggy bankyou're dead tired or just don't feel like cooking? All you need is a little forethought to think in terms of "double batches" along with airtight containers and a permanent pen or grease pencil so you can date and label your "bank" deposits. And even when you don't double the recipe but have a serving or two leftover, remember how valuable a deposit today can be for a future withdrawal when your time is tight and your energy is low. The next time you have a stressful day, enjoy coming home and finding a delicious meal awaiting you, in your Energy Bank! Recipes particularly great for freezing are noted with the special Energy Bank symbol throughout Zonya's Lickety-Split Meals cookbook as well as listed under Energy Bank Recipes in the Index.

No Time to Exercise?

zonya foco worksite wellness speakerNo Excuses! Zonya makes it easy with Oven-Exercise-Eat recipes, complete meals designed to bake while you exercise. Taken from her popular cookbook, Lickety-Split Meals, these easy-to-make recipes are organized by their prep time and feature comprehensive nutritional information for every dish. The cookbook also includes detailed grocery lists for stocking the pantry, plus a section on how to "speedisize" your kitchen, saving cooks up to five hours a week. And you thought you didn't have time to exercise.

So try these sample recipes, turn on the oven and turn up your metabolism with a little exercise...