Zonya's Top Tip Lists for Good Health

Great health can start with one good habit. And you can jump start that habit with a handful of useful tips. Think of them as mental shortcuts to speed you on your way to lasting weight loss and renewed health.

Big change starts with a commitment to small steps. And that's exactly what my tips are designed to do; help you make a commitment to little changes that you can live with every single day.

If you want to be in tip-top health, start with any one of my health tips. Before you know it you'll be living the life you always imagined but didn't dare dream could really come true. Take small steps. Build good habits. And take a tip from me, you can do this!

row of chocolate chips
Healthy Doesn't Mean Unhappy! Try my recipes for these delicious, low-fat desserts. Cocoa Lava Kisses and Brownie Banana Split.

Lickety Split Cookbook"I would like to order 3 copies of Lickety-Split Meals. I love it! I feel like my best friend wrote a book just for me. It's the most realistic I've ever seen and it's truly healthy and do-able. Thank you!"
- Working mom with 3 daughters

"Your cookbook is awesome! I've made at least a dozen recipes so far, and they are all delicious. I've recommended your cookbook to my family and friends. Great cookbook……THANKS!"
- Mother of two boys, ages 8 and 4