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We share the same mission: To improve health and well-being

"As a professional speaker to over 15,000 every year, I have mastered the ability to connect and to inspire a healthy lifestyle. It is my pleasure to offer innovative, relationship-building strategies that improve the health of those in your service area, while growing your customer loyalty and brand recognition." - Zonya

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Live Presentations

Enlist Zonya to bring home the message of wellness on behalf of your organization. Use her to:

  • •   present customized signature events for your members or community
  • •   launch a wellness revolution with a DIET FREE kick-off event that promotes Eight Healthy Habits
  • •   deliver wellness seminars for your employees or those of your key employer groups
  • •   present webinar content to reach all in your service area
  • •   provide cooking demonstrations, live or via professionally-produced video
  • •   draw attendees into your conference exhibit booth or health fair
  • •   emcee your fundraising or celebratory event
  • •   keynote your professional conference or industry convention

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Let Zonya provide a personal voice to your social media, blog, eNewsletter, or member publications. From nutrition and fitness to stress management and simplifying life, Zonya cuts through the confusion with relevant everyday solutions your consumers can trust.

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Zonya Video Clips

Strengthen your wellness impact with "edutaining" video clips that feature Zonya from the speaking platform, the kitchen, grocery store aisles, and workout room. Choose from over 100 titles, each 2-4 minutes in length, or have Zonya create custom video content that delivers your specific message and branding. Provide video content via:

  • •   your website or social media sites
  • •   member email or your eNewsletter
  • •   looped in waiting rooms or on Closed Circuit TV

About Zonya Video Clips
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Valuable Premium Giveaways:

Provide nutrition and fitness resources as giveaways or incentive prizes, and include a book signing by Zonya.

Choose from:
Lickety-Split Meals Cookbook
Eat REAL Cookbook 28-Day Kickstart Cookbook
Water with Lemon Novel
Movement Training DVD
Motivational Minutes CD

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Zonya Foco book signing

Zonya Foco

Zonya Foco

Zonya Foco

Zonya Foco

Contact Us at 888.884.5326 or contact@zonya.com to set up a Partnering with Zonya conversation at your convenience.

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