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We share the same mission: To improve health and well-being

"As a professional speaker, inspiring over 15,000 every year, I know about connecting and inspiring life-style changes. My twenty plus years of experience has lead me to develop an arsenal of tools to effectively fight the war on obesity diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. From my position in the trenches, it is my pleasure to offer you innovative, relationship-building strategies to help you positively influence the health of those in your service ares, while building your customer loyalty and brand recognition." - Zonya

Menu of Service Options

Live Presentations ~ CONNECT personally with your Community

Have Zonya present live throughout your service area, including a "city-wide DIET FREE challenge" which enrolls participants in the DIET FREE 10-week online video seminar program - all with your unique branding. As a master presenter, there are many way s for you to use Zonya:

  • Worksite Wellness seminars for your own employees and your key employer groups
  • (And where she can't be live, launch the 10-week online video seminar programs anywhere)
  • Webinars
  • Health fairs/booth interactive demonstrations including cooking demonstrations
  • Industry convention speaker plus zonya is a vivacious trade show booth "magnet"

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Media Interviews

Give the media what they what... stories about your community getting healthier! Let Zonya be your "personal touch" voice to your brand on health. Here are just two video examples of many media experiences: Media Highlights, Fox Detroit and Mountain Lake Journal.

Publication both printed and online

See a few examples showing how HAP has used Zonya both in cover articles about her events and also for recurring short Q/A type interviews. To get even more of a feel for Zonya's article writing style visit www.zonya.com/health_articles.html.

Zonya Video Clips

Nutrition and fitness "edutainment" covering everything form mindless eating to exercise. Over 100 available, each 2-4 minutes in length. (Creation of new clips as a monthly service is available.)

  • Post videos on your website / social media sites / enews
  • Email to participants / employees
  • Loop in waiting rooms or on Closed Circuit TV at your facilities
  • Sponsor and air on local news stations

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Valuable premium give-aways: Lickety-Split Meals cookbooks,
plus other books and DVD's

Share as an incentive / award for attending a program plus author signing.

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Learn more about The DIET FREE novel Water with Lemon

Learn more about the Movement Training DVD

Zonya Foco book signing

Zonya Foco

Zonya Foco

Zonya Foco

Zonya Foco

Call 517-467-6995 or email us to set up a Partnering with Zonya conversation at your convenience.

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