Eat REAL Shopping List Notepad (Set of 3)

Get in and out of the store in no time with this shopping-with-ease solution!


Simplify and organize your way to successful meal planning!

The Eat REAL Shopping List Notepad organizes your shopping list by grocery store section, and includes:

Dairy Case
For the Home/Other

Each pad is sized 6×9 inches and contains 25 pages on a manila board backing. Notepads adhere easily to your fridge via a sturdy magnet on the back. Set of 3 notepads included.

Here’s how to use the EAT REAL Shopping List Notepad: 
  1. Write your meal ideas at the top of the list. Include sources and page numbers for ease in locating your recipes later.
    (Use the Eat REAL Cookbook and/or Lickety-Split Meals Cookbook for inspiration!)
  2. Create your shopping list, using the notepad categories to keep you organized
  3. Enjoy an efficient trip to the store, or hand off your list to a capable family member. (Extreme smile!)
  4. Keep your notepad posted on the fridge to add needed items throughout the week.

Listen to What Others Have to Say:


“I’m so much more efficient in the grocery store with this notepad. I’ve memorized the format, and it guides me right through the aisles! I’m so organized now!”