Dear Health Professional,

As a Registered Dietitian, professional nutrition speaker, author and TV host, I’m on a mission to help you help your clients win the war on obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

That’s why I’ve dedicated this portion of my Web site to you—my fellow health professionals. In addition to the resources described below with special discounts for you and your clients, my Web site is filled with practical tips, informative articles, sample recipes and health references that I invite you to share with your clients.

So feel free to print any articles and tips using the “Print-Friendly Version” that includes my copyright information for sharing with your clients and patients. I’m always adding more, so check back often. In fact, the best way to stay current with updates is to sign up for my FREE e-newsletter at Join Newsletter so you’re sure to get the latest.

It is my sincere hope that by working together, we can create a healthier America. So if you have ideas or comments on how I can make this section of my Web site work better for you, please contact me any time at

In the meantime, have fun exploring and thanks for stopping by. Let’s make a difference together by making nutrition exciting and fun!

Zonya Foco nutrition speaker

Special Discounts for Your Clients and Patients!

I know how important it is to have reliable resources to refer to your clients and patients. And we want to make it easy for you to let your clients know about products that can help them lose weight, manage their diabetes and lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

We’ve created an easy-to-print product discount sheet you can pass on to your clients when referring my books, DVDs or restaurant guides. And better yet, we’ll give you a special discount code you can write on each sheet for you and your clients to receive a 10% discount on all individual orders. Just contact my office at 888-884-5326 to receive the special discount code.

Quantity Discount Pricing for You!

Interested in buying bulk quantities for your staff or clients? Need educational materials already produced and easy to use? Have a retail business and want great products for your customers? Check out my Quantity Discount Pricing created with health professionals in mind.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, let us know what works for you. We’re ready to help.

Contact us toll-free at 888-884-5326 for additional information.

For retail sellers, here are product sales posters for easy download:

Printable Retail Poster for Lickety-Split Meals

Printable Retail Poster for Water with Lemon

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Lickety-Split Meals for Health Conscious People on the Go!

"I am so impressed with this book! I read it from cover to cover, and couldn't find one thing I didn't like about it. I will recommend it without hesitation to my patients, friends, and family."
- Maryann Pardi, RD, CDN
Cheektowaga, NY, Nutritional Services, St. Joseph Hospital

When I was a practicing RD at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, I was “called” to write Lickety-Split Meals because there wasn't anything else like it on the market. It became perfectly clear that my clients needed a "countertop coach" to keep them on track. Whether your clients need to lose weight, lower their cholesterol or blood pressure, manage their diabetes or just find healthier meals that are easy, quick and tasty for the entire family, Lickety-Split Meals is the answer. Click The Lickety-Split Story to learn more and Lickety-Split Recipes to view sample recipes.

Lickety-Split Diabetic Meals

diabete cookbookFor clients specifically trying to manage their diabetes, I have reworked the same great recipes and tips, and created Lickety-Split Diabetic Meals (published by American Diabetes Association). All the recipes meet the American Diabetes Association guidelines for nutrition and taste, include diabetes-related tips, and the ADA’s Choose Your Foods Exchange/Choices list.

Share sample recipes with your clients

If you want to share sample recipes or tips with your class or clients, you have publisher permission to reprint up to six (6) different recipes and/or tips for any one person. Each photocopy requires that Lickety-Split Meals and my Web site ( are visible on each sheet.

We also have PDF files of each recipe that can be emailed to you for printing directly from your computer. Just e-mail my office at or 888-884-5326 for more information.

In addition to referring the cookbook to your clients, many of you have found the nutrition and fitness tips and recipes a reliable resource for your cooking demonstrations, nutrition lessons or providing support in a media interview.

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Eight DIET-FREE Habits That Will Change Your Clients’ Lives!

As health professionals, we realize that the war on obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes cannot be won with structured “diets” that don’t fit into our real lives. Rather, we need healthy, doable habits that, over time, change our lifestyle and make good nutrition and fitness who we are every day.

I have presented these doable habits in “DIET FREE - The Eight Habits That Will Change Your Life,” and developed a complete video seminar program you can lead for your own clients or provide to your hospital, company or church for weight-loss and wellness programs.

This turnkey program provides all the materials you need to lead a ten-week weight-loss and wellness program. Each session begins with your participants getting inspired and motivated as they view the “edutaining” 25-minute video on the DIET FREE habit for that week. After the video, you facilitate the discussion and goal-setting plan. Watch video highlights and learn more here.

Lose weight withou dieting cookbook

Healthy Restaurant Guides

Two additional resources I have developed with your clients in mind are my “Healthy Fast Food Guide” and “Healthy Dining Guide.” Sized to easily store in the car glove box, briefcase or purse, these guides provide an easy resource to help your clients eat smart while dining out. Full of dining out tips and “healthy selections” from the most popular restaurant chains, your clients won’t feel they have to eat a home to eat healthy anymore. I’ve also left space for you to place your own professional labels.

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Everyday Fitness: Movement Training Program DVD

This fitness program will definitely help your clients get active and stay active! Focusing on the core, legs and arms, this program teaches your clients how to retrain their muscles to work the way they were designed to work regardless of age, gender or athletic ability.

I’ve teamed up with Movement Training Specialist Sherry McLaughlin to deliver a 30-minute Beginner Workout and a 30-minute Advanced Workout designed to help everyone move better and feel stronger–without pain. Total Run Time: 75 min.

Motivational Minutes audio CD

Over 45 minutes of quick nutrition tips taped live from my speaking events. Motivational Minutes will keep your clients inspired and entertained as they listen to me in their cars, at their desks while working out or preparing dinner! Available in bulk purchase only.

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Want to Create a “Nutrition Revolution” at Your Next Event?

Zonya Foco worksite wellness presenter

If your organization is looking to create a Nutrition Revolution for your next event, be sure to check out my Nutrition Speaker section for topics that hit home with a practical message. A “Zonya Nutrition Revolution” can make you and your organization proud—all while inspiring healthy changes in your clients, employees and community.

If you'd like me to speak for your professional association, check out my Speaking Topics for health professionals.

Call toll-free 888-884-5326 or email me at and be sure to let us know how you heard about me!

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