Zonya Foco presenting Hot Topics in Nutrition

Hot Topics in Nutrition


In rapid-fire fashion, you’ll hear the pros, cons and the bottom-line on everything hot in nutrition like:

  • What are the benefits of eating gluten free?
  • What are GMO’s?
  • Should I be buying organic?
  • Is coconut oil really good after all?
  • Should I avoid everything with high fructose corn syrup?
  • Are color additives bad for my kids?
  • Is sitting really the new smoking?
  • What is BPA and how can I avoid it?
  • What is the best type of pans to buy?
  • What is a "raw food diet" and what are its benefits?
  • Are energy drinks good, bad or dangerous?
  • What does "plant based" mean and should I be doing it?

Finally, you will kick confusion to the curb and leave this session feeling confidently ready to feed yourself and your family the best fuel for life.

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