Zonya Foco presenting Igniting your Worksite and community Wellness

Igniting your Worksite & Community Wellness

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Zonya explains her diet-free approach to igniting healthy lifestyle changes in your employees and community. Her ten-week video seminar program, DIET FREE - The Eight Habits That Will Change Your Life, has been so successful it was chosen by PBS for a two hour special, and is now being utilized by hospitals and worksites across the country, bringing hope, joy and life-saving success to its participants. This robust nutrition and fitness program relies on Zonya’s ability to deliver equal parts entertainment and education while inspiring participants to change their lives forever. In fact, many have said that adopting a healthier lifestyle has never been easier or more fun! Come learn more about the power behind Zonya’s eight habits - and about the freedom of living diet free!

Zonya and Cory Zonya doing underhook with crowd

"You provided a tangible approach to wellness by giving us great ideas, then showing us how to implement them right then and there! Thank you for hitting the nail on the head during our 8th annual wellness conference!"
- Cory Panning, Senior Wellness Consultant, The Employers’ Association

"Zonya’s information-packed session was very refreshing, inspiring and an eye opener for all of us."
- Nadine Cunningham, Program Development Manager, Sourcemedia

"Talk about igniting wellness! Zonya shared rapid-fire ideas for making it over-the-top fun and engaged me with how simple it can be."
- J. Brian Coleman, V. P. of Total Rewards and HR Shared Services, Dawn Foods

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Suggested parting gift: Lickety-Split Meals cookbook and / or Healthy Fast Food Guide and Healthy Dining Guide

Lickety Split cookbook Fast Food Dining Guide

Appeal to your attendees tastebuds!

Demonstrate how delicious and simple nutritious food can be with a Live Cooking Presentation.

Want to Start a Health Revolution in your Community?

Become a DIET FREE video-seminar leader and bring Zonya in live to kick it all off with: Motivational Secrets to Living DIET FREE.

Planning a Large Conference / Convention?

Build your Supercharged Conference with Zonya SUPERCHARGE IT!

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