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Diet Smack-Down: Vegan vs. Paleo

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Are you tired of giving up all sugar, all grains, all cheese, all meat, (whatever’s the latest - and it’s always changing!) in order to lose weight and be "on top" of current nutrition trends? Join Zonya as she reports from her personal experience putting herself right smack in the middle of the diet debate! Frustrated with the contradictory claims coming across her professional realm, Zonya decided to "see for herself" by taking on the challenge of eating vegan for 30 days, followed by eating Paleo for 30 days. Learn about the changes in her weight, body fat percent, blood cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides following each diet. Which one came out ahead? Did she achieve all the necessary nutrients on each? And most importantly, how might the best of both promote a robust and sensible eating style the whole family can enjoy? Come ready to learn, laugh and be inspired like never before!

Quote from Diane Edwards of HAP

"I wasn't sure about attending this year, until I saw this topic. And it was worth it! Zonya answered so many questions building my ability to help my clients end the confusion."
- National Wellness Conference Attendee

"Best session of the conference!"
American College of Sports Medicine Summit Attendee

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