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Staying Healthy in a Culture that's ANYTHING BUT!

Addictive foods, bucket-sized portions, physical movement limited to keystrokes and remotes. It's hard to stay healthy in a culture that's anything but! By citing research, reviewing health trends and examining the power of advertising, Zonya explains how our culture is very much the enemy - zapping our energy, health and productivity. Is America doomed as a result of our society of convenience, or can we fight back? Conviction is key! From simple strategies to re-wire the brain for healthier food preferences to capturing the power of "community" for lasting lifestyle changes, Zonya delivers a compelling plan for embracing a healthy lifestyle "paradigm shift" to conviction over convenience.

Quote from Diane Edwards of HAP

"I've booked Zonya for this presentation multiple times. It's definitely ahead of the curve and attention-getting! Participants leave feeling empowered and ready to take action!"
- Diane M. Edwards, R.N.
Health Promotion Coordinator, Health Alliance Plan, Michigan

Zonya's WIC Conference

"When Zonya hit her keynote "out of the park" at our state conference... we just had to have her at our national conference. And what a great decision! She electrified our events with music, movement and awe-inspiring stories. Attendees LOVED her!"
- Terry Bryce
Oklahoma WIC and Board Chair of the National WIC Association

Quote from Chris Neal of Washington School Nutrition Association

"The program evaluations were outstanding and the feedback on your presentations were stellar! I highly recommend you!"
- Chris Neal
Washington School Nutrition Association,
Past President

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