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Learn the DIET FREE Secret to Managing Diabetes

Some people with diabetes count carbohydrates and others follow exchanges. Some exercise and some don’t. Regardless of what you are currently doing, your health can soar with Zonya’s refreshing, high-energy DIET FREE approach to managing diabetes. Make a different choice here, add a little movement there. Without strict dieting or deprivation, you can slash soaring blood sugars, lipid levels and unwanted pounds. Plus Zonya answers your questions about sweet cravings, the glycemic index and artificial sweeteners. As the author of the DIET FREE Lifestyle program and Lickety-Split Diabetic Meals (American Diabetes Association 2008), Zonya has the message and tools to make your conference a complete success!

See another topic you’d love to customize for diabetes management? No problem. Zonya can customize any theme to meet your audience and focus.

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Suggested parting gift:
Lickety-Split Diabetic Meals
Lickety Split Diabetic Meals Cookbook

Appeal to your attendees tastebuds!

Demonstrate how delicious and simple nutritious food can be with a Live Cooking Presentation.

Want to Start a Health Revolution in your Community?

Become a DIET FREE video-seminar leader and bring Zonya in live to kick it all off with: Motivational Secrets to Living DIET FREE.

Planning a Large Conference / Convention?

Build your Supercharged Conference with Zonya SUPERCHARGE IT!

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