Zonya Foco presenting worksite wellness

Eating RIGHT On the Run!

Join Zonya as she blasts through the "no time to eat right" roadblock. From the fast food window, to desk drawer delights and even healthy brief case bites, you'll learn about the best speed-feed to keep you energized and focused. Zonya also shares her unique strategy for keeping your kitchen stocked with her top 15 must-haves and her virtually work-free solution for weekly menu planning. Discover "one minute mini-meals" and family dinners you can have on the table just 15 minutes from the time you walk in the door.

“I’ve had the pleasure of booking Zonya 4 times, and I look forward to hiring her yet again!”
— Rose, Pennsylvania Nutrition Education Network

Zonya's at Tri-State Area Safety Council

"Zonya’s presentation on wellness generated 100% positive feedback from our safety council which encompasses a wide range of industries. It is hard to find a presenter that appeals to every company in our group, however, Zonya managed with ease. I have never seen reviews this high before or since."
— Eric Scherpenberg
Safety Council Manager
Tri-State Area Safety Council

“You inspired me to “clean-up” what I eat and drink, in order to not only live longer, but to live better in the present. I will pass along the information to my wife and kids, so all four of us can and will, benefit from me attending the wellness meeting this morning.”
— Don L. Dixon, Commercial Estimator, MOLLOY ROOFING CO.

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Suggested parting gift: Lickety-Split Meals cookbook and / or Healthy Fast Food Guide and Healthy Dining Guide

Lickety Split cookbook Fast Food Dining Guide

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Demonstrate how delicious and simple nutritious food can be with a Live Cooking Presentation.

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