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Excelling at Your Career Without Undermining Your Health

How you eat directly affects your energy, stamina, productivity and resistance to disease. And a demanding career and hectic family life can crowd out the opportunity to exercise regularly and eat right on the run. So it’s Zonya to the rescue with simple things you can do to sneak in exercise and consume foods that work like high-octane fuel to increase your energy and thinking ability.

You’ll get the competitive edge with Zonya’s nine-point eating plan for optimal energy and health while you climb the career ladder. Discover desk-drawer delights and briefcase bites that will help trim your waistline while dropping your risk for the big killers like heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes. You can be your best possible self at work and at home. Right now is a great time to start!

"Her presentation style is high-energy knowledge packed with lighthearted humor and simple, take home lifestyle change bites. Because Zonya made herself available for cookbook signing before the program she learned information about her audience. She was then able to quickly engage with the audience and personalize her presentation."
— Monica Ritschke, RN, MSN, Director, Affinity Health System
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Zonya's at Uline in Wisconsin

"Zonya was awesome! Our employees really enjoyed her energy and message - and she was such a pleasure to work with!"
— Char K., ULINE, Wisconsin

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Suggested parting gift: Lickety-Split Meals cookbook and / or Healthy Fast Food Guide and Healthy Dining Guide

Lickety Split cookbook Fast Food Dining Guide

Appeal to your attendees tastebuds!

Demonstrate how delicious and simple nutritious food can be with a Live Cooking Presentation.

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Become a DIET FREE video-seminar leader and bring Zonya in live to kick it all off with: Motivational Secrets to Living DIET FREE.

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