Zonya Foco presenting worksite wellness

Fight Cancer with Your Fork

What does it take to put your diet 100% on the winning side for fighting cancer? Is it five fruits and vegetables each day or does it take eleven?
Will eating lean meat provide enough armor or do you have go completely vegetarian? What about organic; is it your only choice? Do you have to eat soy foods, fish and flax seed every day? If so, how tasty will your meals actually be? And will you really live longer, or will it just seem like it?! Join "America's Nutrition Leader" as Zonya walks you through a realistic and tasty approach for "fighting cancer with your fork" you can enjoy living with.

Zonya Foco presenting worksite wellness

"Tremendous feedback! Awesome Awesome! Our attendees left inspired with so many simple and important ways they can fight cancer with their fork, starting today. You're the best!"
--Amy McGann
Manager, Cancer Support Services
Overlake Hospital Medical Center
Bellvue, WA

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