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Fit Families for Life!

Perfect for Parents AND Kids Talking Childhood Obesity

Zonya knows it isn’t always easy getting kids (or adults for that matter) to eat healthy and exercise well. She also believes that the fastest way to fight childhood obesity is through parents. Zonya’s “Fit Families for Life” presentation is the perfect opportunity for parents and kids to learn together and discover how healthy habits can be a fun family affair. Leave it to Zonya’s zany visuals and engaging style plus healthy “family competitions” to transform the fussiest eaters into junior—and senior—champions of good health and fitness. Laugh and learn together as she introduces crafty, creative and successful fways to make good nutrition and exercise easy and fun for the entire Fit Families for Life (FFL) Team! 

Note: How can Zonya possibly hold the interest of kids and adults at the same time? She has the secret formula and it includes inviting only children ages 8 (2nd grade) and older. Providing childcare for younger children is recommended.

boy with pumpkin pie

"Zonya - Here's a photo of the Surprise Pumpkin Pie I made by myself last week. It's gone now! I look forward to making more of your recipes."
- Alex Mitchell, 10 years old, Grinnell, IA

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Suggested parting gift: Lickety-Split Meals cookbook and / or Healthy Fast Food Guide and Healthy Dining Guide

Lickety Split cookbook Fast Food Dining Guide

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