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Too Fickle to be Fit?
Find the Fitness in You!

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Exercise. You know you should, and sometimes, you actually do! The real question is, what does it take to become truly and "happily" consistent, day after day, year after year? And not just cardio, but strength and flexibility training twice weekly too, in order to really get the results you want? Zonya will share all her best barrier-removing solutions, including how to:

  • Break the "too tired to work out" cycle
  • Develop an unshakable conviction for exercise
  • Achieve the minimum you need for maximum results

Before you know it, you’ll no longer be dreaming of staying in bed to miss your workout. Hard to fathom? Not after this session with Zonya!

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"We wanted to offer both an in-depth nutrition session and fitness session. Zonya fit the bill PERFECTLY for both!"
- Health Insurance Industry Annual Event Meeting Planner of Florida

Kathy and daughter "Zonya’s stories inspired me to "find my fitness love," lose 20 pounds, and bike 250 miles in 6 days with my daughter!"
- Kathy

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”I LOVE this Movement Training Program DVD. It's making a huge difference in my core strength and is the only exercise program that has reduced my tummy fat and tightened my butt. It also has eliminated my aches and pains, particularly my long-term back pain.“
- Patti H. Age 49, Columbus, OH

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Demonstrate how delicious and simple nutritious food can be with a Live Cooking Presentation.

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Become a DIET FREE video-seminar leader and bring Zonya in live to kick it all off with: Motivational Secrets to Living DIET FREE.

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