Zonya Foco presenting worksite wellness

5-Hour Energy? Bottle Your Own!

Is the answer to energy really in a bottle that costs $3 a day? Have you ever wondered why you’re so tired in the first place? The truth is, how you 1) eat, 2) sleep and 3) exercise directly affect your energy, stamina, productivity, and resistance to disease. A demanding career and hectic family life don’t have to derail you! Discover how to get the most restorative sleep of your life, sneak energizing exercise in and leverage fuel (through what you eat, drink AND the supplements you take) to increase your energy, focus, and disease-fighting ability. Uncover 10 delicious super-foods (and super supplements) that will soar your energy and whittle your waist, while fighting cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Even discover how to use caffeine to your benefit, not your detriment. Be the best you can be on the job and at home. There’s no time like right now!

Zonya at Wayne State University

"Zonya presented Cutting through the Clutter of Popular Diets followed the next week by Five-Hour Energy? Bottle Your Own! to our wellness champions; she hit both "out of the park"! People were engaged, inspired and learned so much. We'd have Zonya every week if we could!"

- Lea R. Madjoff, MPH, CHWC, CPT, GEI
HR Wellness Coordinator, Wayne State University

Zonya at Wayne State University

"I attended the above two lectures and I would like to thank Human Resources for organizing them. Zonya is a fantastic speaker-the best I’ve seen in my life. She captivates attention and convinces you in an entertaining way to accept and start applying her health messages right away. America must see her!"
- Emil Lozanov, Ph.D.
Academic Services Officer, Wayne State University

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