Zonya Foco presenting worksite wellness

Ladies Choice:
Heart Health for the WHOLE FAMILY!

We all want to be the "Kool-Aid" mom (and Grandma): the one whose home and food all the kids love. But at what cost? The fact is that our world is crammed with overly processed, chemically enhanced "frankenfoods," marketed to the hilt, aimed right at our families, right at us! With raging cholesterol levels, climbing obesity and type 2 diabetes, it’s up to MOM to fight for healthy hearts for the whole family.

We know we’re the gate keepers to healthy food in our homes and the answer is balance. But how do we foster an innate desire for healthy food, so when our kids aren’t at home, they don’t pendulum-swing off the deep end but instead gravitate to the good stuff on their own? Welcome Zonya’s 4 step plan for making healthy eating (and activity) the desired norm for your family. After all, Mom (and Grandma) Know Best! It’s Ladies Choice: Heart Health for the Whole Family!

Zonya's at Bay Area Medical Center

"We wanted a dynamic speaker to represent us positively and inspire the women in our community... and you did exactly that! We truly got our money’s worth!"
- Linda, Director of Women’s Health Bay Area Medical Center, WI

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