Zonya Foce presenting worksite / community wellness

Want to start a health revolution in your community?

Become a DIET FREE video-seminar leader and bring Zonya in live to kick it all off!

Motivational Secrets to Living DIET FREE

Did you know there are 3 simple things you can do each and every day to ‘set your sail‘ for living an energetic, healthy lifestyle? All three actions support a ‘count no calories, grams or points‘ deprivation-free lifestyle, yet boost nutrients and health exponentially. Warning: you will begin using these energy-soaring, waist-whittling ideas right away, and will be hungry to learn and achieve even more. In fact, you will have the opportunity to join others in a weekly live-class or on-line video seminar journey over the next 10 weeks called DIET FREE, where you will be challenged to adopt ‘8 habits to a completely healthy lifestyle.‘ Whether your goal is you lose weight, lower your cholesterol, drop your blood pressure or blood sugar, or simply to have more energy, don’t miss this special opportunity!

Image of Zonya and Leigh Anne Hall

"From head to toe, Zonya and I are so alike yet so different! Together, we make an unbeatable team in our hospital’s fight against obesity. Having Zonya come on-site for a kick-off was the energy to ignite our DIET FREE program - people were on fire to learn the 8 Habits. Zonya’s passion is CONTAGIOUS!"
- Leigh Anne Hall, IL Image of Zonya and Leigh Anne Halls feet

“We are absolutely delighted at the tremendous response in having Zonya kick off our ‘Heart of the Community’ initiative.”
– Jaime Collins, Southwest Health Center Director of Marketing and Communications, Wisconsin

Suggested parting gifts: Lickety-Split Meals cookbook and/or The DIET FREE novel, Water with Lemon

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