Zonya Foco presenting worksite wellness De-stressing and Balancing Your Life!

Full-Day or Half-Day Seminar
Frazzle-Free Surefire Solutions for
De-stressing and Balancing Your Life!

Stress: it can make you look decades older and shorten your life. Inconveniently, during times of stress it’s even more important to eat right and exercise, yet this is precisely when we eat and exercise the worst. And while you’ve been told to "take a deep breath" and "think positively," you still need to get groceries, make dinner, do the laundry, and exercise! Armed with a practical plan, you can most definitely take a deep breath and think positive thoughts! In other words, what you need is Zonya’s frazzle-free secrets to de-stressing and balancing your life!

With STREZZ as our guiding acronym, you will learn "Supermarket Smarts", with a shortcut to stocking your pantry with the healthiest products in each section, "Time for Dinner" with two weeks of easy-to-fix meals that basically prepare themselves, "Restaurant Survival" which points you to the best choices for each type of cuisine, "Exercise Stability" which gets you mentally and physically stable with daily stress-easing exercise, "Zest for Life", creating opportunities for laughter, breathing, music and positive thoughts, followed by the all-important, "getting the ZZZZ"s you need. Welcome to frazzle-free STREZZ FREE living at last!

Zonya's at Wellness Council of Indiana

"Zonya’s DIET FREE keynote energized our 500 attendees and set the tone for the entire event, like few others can. We brought her to another event and her STREZZ FREE topic scored an even bigger home-run. Such an important message for employees and employers alike."
— Chuck Gillespie
Executive Director
Wellness Council of Indiana

Zonya's at Wellness Council of Indiana

"Your STREZZ-FREE presentation is a knock out! Our 'Ladies Day at the MEA' audience felt an instant connection. You truly exceeded our expectations!"
— Nancy Strachan
VP of Michigan Education Assoc.
East Lansing, MI

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Lickety-Split Meals cookbook
or Everyday Fitness: Movement Training Program DVD
 Lickety Split Meals Cookbook and Movement Training DVD

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Demonstrate how delicious and simple nutritious food can be with a Live Cooking Presentation.

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