Zonya Foco presenting on stage

Meal Makeovers to Supercharge
Your Health!

Cooking Presentation

There’s a reason television cooking shows are so popular. They’re fun, engaging and action packed. As the Lickety-Split queen, Zonya brings this same energy and excitement as she demonstrates a day’s worth of easy meal makeovers that will not only save you time, but supercharge your health and energy!

Why have a typical bowl of cereal or scrambled eggs when you can supercharge your breakfast? Why settle for a graham cracker or cheese stick when you can supercharge your snack? Not only will you save time, supercharging all your meals and snacks will optimize your body’s ability to defy unwanted disease and pounds. This presentation has all the ingredients to inspire your audience to take their energy and health to the next level – BAM! Supercharged!

Your Supercharged Menu

Scrambled Greek Omelet Florentine
Whole-wheat toast
Cantaloupe and strawberries

Mediterranean Lavash Roll-ups featuring hummus and tabouli
Vegetable crudités

Salmon Marsala over whole-grain Eden kamut or quinoa pasta
Tender asparagus and cherry tomatoes

Key Lime Yogurt Parfait

Click here for the Supercharged Grocery and Equipment lists, Stage Needs and Preparation Requirements.

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