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Zonya FocoEpisode #101
Recipe: Chocolate-Amaretto Cheesecake
When invited over to friends for dinner, I love bringing dessert. They can't believe a "dietitian" could bring anything so good. This is truly "crime without punishment!"
Grocery Store Tour: The Milk section – Weighing the benefits/risks of fat content vs. nutrition.

Episode #102
Recipe: Creamy Chicken Dijon over Noodles
When unexpected guests arrive, you can proudly serve this dish in 15 minutes. Guest will rave and family will feel like guests!
Grocery Store Tour: The juice section – learn what's better than soda pop and what isn't.

shopping with ZonyaEpisode #103
Recipe: White Beans & Penne Pasta
While the topping of oil & rosemary seems fattening, the numbers still come out healthy and the taste is exceptional!
Grocery Store Tour: The pasta section – White vs. wheat.

Episode #104
Recipe: Miracle Soup
Ever heard of negative calorie food? It's a food that takes more calories to burn than it yields! Hence, the name "Miracle" because this soup is great for weight loss.
Grocery Store Tour: The fresh produce section – Learn how to choose the best fresh vegetables.

shopping with ZonyaEpisode #105
Recipe: Chicken Chutney Pizza
My husband ordered this in a restaurant once and I said, "What? Are you crazy?" And yes, now we're both crazy for Chutney Pizza!
Grocery Store Tour: The butter section – Learn the differences between butter and margarine.

Episode #106
Recipe: Delicate Baked Fish
The milk in this recipe keeps the flavor delicate and mild, not at all fishy. Perfect for stronger tasting fish as well as being a kid's favorite!
Grocery Store Tour: The fresh fish section – Learn the importance of Omega 3's.

cooking with ZonyaEpisode #107
Recipe: Mexican LaZonya
This kids' favorite meal is quick to go in the oven so you can exercise during baking time and dinner will be ready when you're done!
Grocery Store Tour: The Bread section – Is low-carb the answer? How much fiber is enough? What about our favorite white bread?

Episode #108
Recipe: Breakfast in a Cookie
This is a brilliant way to get your bowl of oatmeal, milk and nuts all in a convenient, not to mention delicious cookie! This recipe makes plenty, so freeze some for weeks of quick breakfasts, snacks and desserts.
Grocery Store Tour: The Cookie section – Discover the better choices, and how much is not too much.

Episode #109
Recipe: Benito Bean Dip & Bagel Chips
Looking for a snack that's a hit at parties minus the hit on your hips? This is absolutely terrific and no one will ever guess it's low-fat! Also, the chips make a great "road trip" munchie.
Grocery Store Tour: The Bagel section – Learn the benefits of wheat vs. white bagels.

Episode #110
Recipe: Beef Barley Soup & Broccoli Salad w/ Dried Cherries
Did you know that barley has even more cholesterol-lowering powers than oat bran? This soup is a great place to start heart-healthy eating.
Grocery Store Tour: The Cheese section – Learn the benefits of low-fat or fat- free vs. regular along with the types of cheeses.

Episode #111
Recipe: Simple Summer Fresh Fruit Pie
Here's a simply gorgeous and easy dessert! It is so light and delicious your kids will love it and you, especially if you use this recipe for backwards dinner night, when dessert is served before dinner!
Grocery Store Tour: The Canned/Dried Fruit section – Learn the importance of reading labels.

Episode #112
Recipe: Whole-Grain Pancakes
Whole grain pancakes offer texture without being too grainy; talk about a nutritional one-two punch! This is a great way to start your day!
Grocery Store Tour: The Flour section – Learn the difference between enriched, white, bleached flour and whole wheat flour.

checking labelsEpisode #113
Recipe: Tantalizing Turkey Loaf Dinner
This dinner is a far cry from the traditional artery-clogging classic. It's fast and tasty too! The applesauce replaces the moisture lost by using extra-lean ground turkey. Leftovers make great sandwiches!
Grocery Store Tour: The Meat (beef vs. turkey) section – Learn the importance of reading the fat content on the labels.