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Sherry McLaughlin

Most of my fitness segments in season two of "Zonya's Health Bites" feature Movement Training Specialist Sherry McLaughlin, MSPT, OCS, CSC. Sherry is the founder of The Michigan Institute for Human Performance (MIHP). MIHP is based on the principles of human movement and houses some of the most innovative minds in the fitness and rehabilitation industry. Visit www.mihp.net for more information.

"Zonya's Health Bites"

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Episode 201 snapshot201: GETTING GREEN AND VEGGING OUT
Save time AND double your servings of healthy vegetables while learning more about the nutritional value of tofu and brown rice with Zonya's Easiest Stir-Fry Ever. Zonya also shows parents some cool tricks for sneaking more vegetables into kids' meals!

Even with the low-carb craze, the low-fat message is still relevant to good health. Replace your traditional chicken salad with Zonya's low-fat Almond Chicken Salad and remove six whole cups of fat in one year. Zonya also teaches kids how to make great-tasting smoothies full of fresh fruit and nutritious soy to replace high-fat, high-calorie milkshakes loaded with sugar.

Replace meat with beans four times a week and reduce your cholesterol 50 points in one year. Zonya's Hearty Bean & Pasta Stew full of fiber-rich beans and whole-grain pasta is an excellent meat-and-potatoes alternative that provides a whopping 11 grams of fiber in each serving! Get the kids involved and combine this healthy meal with an exercise walk fit for the whole family.

Episode 204 snapshot204: GETTING HEALTHY LICKETY SPLIT
Every family has a hectic schedule. With Zonya's Lickety-Split Chicken Dijon Stuffed Baked Potatoes, time-poor families don't have to eat nutrition-deprived meals. Learn how to take 11 cups of fat out of your quick-fix meals each year AND fit exercise into your busy lifestyle. Zonya also explains how childhood obesity and the amount of time children spend watching television are connected.

Episode 206 snapshot205: THE BEST BREAKFAST CHOICES
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and finding healthy, low-fat protein is often a challenge . . . unless you follow Zonya's tips in the grocery store and discover her recipe for delicious Homemade Turkey Sausage that is so low in fat you can enjoy it every morning. Zonya also teaches kids how to cut the sugar in half with their favorite breakfast cereals.

Episode 206 snapshot206: FAST FOOD FLIPS
STOP driving through the fast-food lane and START rolling up easy, delicious meals just two times a week and you can lose 15 pounds in a year! Zonya's healthy, whole-wheat roll-ups filled with delicious options create fast, nutritious alternatives to the typical fat-filled, empty-calorie burgers and fries. Also learn how family meals at the dinner table can actually help diabetes-proof your family.

Epsiode 207 snapshot207: DISCOVERING NEW STAND-BY STARS
Cut over six cups of fat a year from the family diet just by switching out those mac 'n cheese and hot dog standards to Zonya's Simple Baked Chicken and Rice. Kids will love it and you'll be pleasantly surprised just how easy it is to make. Learn how to stock your pantry with healthier alternatives like brown rice, low-fat yogurt and light sour cream and get your kids to try new foods you thought they'd never like.

Episode 208 snapshot208: THE SNACK DILEMMA
You don't have to deprive yourself of snacks. Just follow Zonya's best snack picks in the grocery store and make her Guiltless Nachos Supreme for a fabulous snack alternative that can save you over nine cups of fat in one year! Zonya also introduces parent-approved, before-meal snacks your kids will love and never realize are actually "good for them."

Zonya's Crock Pot Fajitas come to the rescue for feeding busy families with teenagers traveling in all directions, all times of the day. Chicken, beef or even tofu options can be mixed together in the morning and ready to satisfy on-the-go appetites all evening long. Add delicious chips and dips easy enough for teenagers to make themselves and you have low-fat solutions for families eating on the run.

Episode 210 snapshot210: THE ONGOING SNACK DILEMMA
Gotta have your cookies? No problem. Zonya's Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars not only save loads of sugar, sodium and fat in your diet, they'll shave time out of your kitchen as well! Zonya takes you exploring in the cracker aisle to help translate the trans-fat facts and uncover deliciously healthy snack alternatives the kids can't wait to devour!

Episode 211 snapshot211: PULLING YOUR SWEET TOOTH
Learn Zonya's secret for curbing your sweet cravings and reducing the sugar in your family's favorite fruit juices. Take the calories and the chill out of an exquisite ice cream dessert elegant enough for your most discriminating dinner guests with Flaming Bananas Foster.

Episode 212 snapshot212: OMEGA-3: THE SUPER-HERO FAT
Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to good health and Zonya shows us some of the best sources for getting this super-hero fat. She navigates through the rough waters of the canned fish aisle in the grocery store and lands some fabulous Salmon Burgers that provide a great-tasting source of omega-3 and fiber. Zonya also discusses optimum "screen time" for kids in front of the television, computer and video games.

Turn your weekly donut fix into a doNOT cure and save over 8 cups of fat each year! Donuts aren't the only option for morning rush hour. Zonya's Lickety-Split breakfast solutions include her best cereal picks in the grocery store and quick, make-ahead Scrumptious Swiss Oats packed with fresh fruit – and easy enough to share in your morning office meetings.