"Zonya's Health Bites" TV Show

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Station Listings for "Zonya's Health Bites"

Where in the world is Zonya? Hopefully, she's on a public television station near you. Click here to find the station in your area and check their weekly listing to see when ”Zonya’s Health Bites“ is airing in your market.

zonya focos TV show

If you don't see "Zonya's Health Bites" on the station list, please call your local public television station and tell them that you need your Zs.

Click and Call

Click here to connect to your local public television station's Web site.

Then call and say something like...

"Hi, my name is _____ from ______ and I would like to know if you plan on airing "Zonya's Health Bites"? If not, I'd like you to consider it (and say something nice about Zonya.")

If you love Zonya, have ten of your friends call too because everyone's health is important and calling really works.

Thanks a Broccoli Bunch!!!!!