Seven Ways to Find (and Keep) Your Motivation

I bet there is ONE THING we all agree on.

Motivation is one of those things we all wish we had MORE of.

You know, so we can more easily and automatically turn “knowing” into “doing” like:

  • Exercise more.
  • Meal prep more.
  • Go to bed on time.
  • Get up early.
  • Less TV/scrolling the web time.
  • Less stress.
  • More positivity.
  • No emotional eating.

You get the idea. Motivation is what makes the doing possible.

Are you feeling deficient in the motivation department? Rekindle it with one or more of these seven strategies and GET success bound!

#1 Turn Willpower into WHY Power

Yes, it’s time to UNCOVER your WHY. When it comes down to it, what are your reasons for making a change? How will your life improve? Be honest with yourself and dig deep.

You may want to lose weight. But why? To be medication-free? To enjoy life more fully with your family/kids/grandkids? To live longer? To achieve a major fitness goal? To improve your self-esteem and confidence? To set an example for your kids?

One woman in my DIET FREE group shared, “I went on vacation with my family to Yellowstone, and I could not do a lot of the hikes up to see the sights, so I stayed back in the car while they all went. We are going back there again in 6 months, and this time I will NOT be sitting in the car while they go! I will be embracing all that life has to offer with my family, via improved energy, stamina and strength!”

She has figured out her WHY, and it is propelling her to a more fulfilling life. You can, too.

#2 Keep Your WHY Nearby

Once you identify your reasons, write them down. These reasons will be the motivation to get you started and they will be the reminder you need when the going gets tough.

What do you do after you write them down? Put them in a stack of papers on your desk…never to be seen again? No! Hang those reasons where you will see them every day. Let them inspire you to keep making good choices.

You could hang a list someplace you look every day, like your bathroom mirror or refrigerator. Or you could borrow this incredible technique from one of our long-time DIET FREE and Focus Group attendees, who posted reminders to herself in all the places where she would need to see them. How clever is that?!?

#3 Let Others Inspire You

When your own words fail to inspire you, turn to someone else whose words might. Find someone who has done the things you’re trying to do and listen. Realize that you are just as capable of succeeding as they were and let their success reignite your flame.

Need an example? Read how Debbie Downer turned into Debbie Doer. Her story of “getting unstuck” may be the encouragement you need.

#4 Watch a Documentary

When I interview highly motivated people who eat well easily, it seems many have this common denominator. At some point they gained education and inspiration by watching highly rated food documentaries. These can also help you get your WHY going in a heartbeat, teamed with the necessary education and how-to. Go here for my list of healthy eating favorites. 

#5 Get SUPPORT from a Group

Some people have friends or neighbors they meet with regularly for supportive conversations. Others meet with faith-based groups. Some have walking lunches with a friend at work. Others meet as a goal-setting accountability group online, led by a dedicated professional named Zonya.

That’s right! For four months at a time, Zonya’s Inner Circle Focus Group meets every other Monday night to set health goals, share ideas, and hold each other accountable. This amazing, inclusive group lifts each other up through all of life’s challenges and celebrates each other’s successes.

Members take a “How focused are you?” survey to assess their level of focus toward nutrition, meal prep and exercise targets. It launches them into goal-setting mode, and then after four months of goals, accountability, and support, they retake the survey to measure their amazing progress.

Please consider using this survey to help bring your health goals into focus. And if you could benefit from this support group, please join in! Find details here.

#6 Attend Classes or Courses

Find instructors who really care, and who inspire you to make positive habit changes each and every week in the areas you seek growth. Once you’ve found your WHY, expert instructors can show you the HOW. Whether your goals relate to health and fitness (like cooking or exercise challenges) or personal growth (like writing, music, home organization, or personal finances), there is MUCH out there to inspire you.

If making improved food choices, including shopping for and creating more nutritious and delicious food tops your goal list, then you know I’ve got you covered.

My next course is Lower Blood Pressure Deliciously and will cover all the ways to improve blood pressure naturally with healthy and delicious meals, and with a big focus on trimming unwanted weight. I’d love to have you join us.

#7 “Make. It. Fun.”

Anything you are trying to do, be it eating changes or exercise, make. it. fun.

  • Get an exercise buddy. Someone you have FUN working out with!
  • Join a group to bike or hike or play pickleball or tennis or…you name it!
  • Have a dance party with your favorite music. Yes, you know this is FUN!
  • Create a cooking club with your friends to try new recipes.
  • Play with your food, turning fruit and veggie trays into something creative, funny, or beautiful that your family will adore…right before they gobble it up.

Whatever you choose, just remember this:

When it’s fun, it gets done. 

So, which of these 7 ideas speak to you? I encourage you to pick at least one and GO FOR IT.

Fill your days with achievements that truly daze and amaze you, and that keep you on the path to success, happiness and pride in what YOU can do!