Boost Your Immune System (June 23 - August 11, 2020) -

Boost Your Immune System (June 23 – August 11, 2020)


Skyrocket your natural defenses, while discovering exciting new recipes to cook as a family!

In this immunity-focused 8-week Eat REAL Livestream Series, Zonya presents evidence-based nutrition education that highlights the protective power of REAL food (plus a few choice supplements). Each live-streamed session also includes hands-on demonstrations of delicious, health-promoting recipes the whole family will love! Learn more.

Livestream Schedule:
Eight Tuesday evenings from 7-8 pm ET: June 23, 30, July 7, 14, 21, 28, Aug 4, 11
Or watch the recording (emailed to you the next day) at your convenience!

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Boost Your Immune System Eat REAL Livestream Series

If there was ever a time to build your immune system, it’s RIGHT NOW.

From food to supplements, there is MUCH we can do to boost our immune systems!  In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, let this 8 week-program strengthen your natural defenses while also laying the foundation for life-sustaining food practices! Just think…what if this unexpected shut-in resulted in a healthy turning point for your household?

Gather your family! Attend scheduled live-streamed sessions on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm ET, or watch at your convenience via the recording emailed to you the next day (or do both!). In each 1-hour video conference, Zonya will present essential nutrition education, food network-like cooking demonstrations, the top health-promoting habits her family practices everyday, plus plenty of time for Q&A. She’ll even give you a tour of her snack and spice cupboards, fridge, freezer, pasta and canned goods cabinets, and more! All followed by the most delicious homework you’ve ever been assigned!

Join in Now for 8 Immunity-Building Sessions!

Roll up your sleeves and take your health – and your family’s – to the next level! For 8 weeks beginning June 23, Zonya will share nutritious, delicious, and immune-boosting activities you can do at home… together as a family, that will build lifelong health.



Here’s how Boost Your Immune System Eat REAL Livestream Series works:

1. You’ll meet with Zonya via live video conference on Tuesday evenings, June 23 through August 11, 2020, from 7 to 8 pm ET for these program topics:

Date Topic Description Featured Recipes Pantry Tour
6/23 Why Eat REAL Replace packaged snacks with options from the REAL snack aisle. Chocolate Chia Energy Bites, Fiesta Spiced Popcorn, Banana NICE Cream Snack Cupboard
6/30 Breakfast of Champions Start the day with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and fiber-rich REAL food. Carrot Cake Overnight Oats, Mini-Frittatas, Brussel’s Sprouts Hash Breakfast Cereal
7/7 Power Up Your Salads Include a cruciferous vegetable every day and reduce your cancer risk deliciously. Massaged Kale Salad, Bok Choy Salad with Sesame Soy Vinaigrette Vinegars and Oils
7/14 Chocolate that’s Good! Choose truly dark chocolate, plus berries for a healthy way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Dark Chocolate Mousse, Black Dream Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting Sugar Replacers
7/21 Go Mediterranean Learn several distinct reasons we should eat as the Mediterraneans do. Mediterranean Roasted Eggplant Pasta, Tabbouleh, Curry Roasted Cauliflower & Carrots Pasta and Grains
7/28 Slow Cooker Secrets Use health-promoting spices to create a dinner made easy by the “kitchen lifesaver.” Asian Chicken over Riced Cauliflower, Balsamic Pork Tenderloin Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, Crunchy Cole Slaw Spices
8/4 Healthy Pizza Adopt a winning 3-step “Pizza Code of Conduct” to make pizza night deliciously healthy. Thai Pizza, Spinach Artichoke Pesto Pizza with Cauliflower Crust Fridge
8/11 Embrace Plant-Based Learn the simple art of stir-frying to increase vegetable intake for the whole family. Thai Vegetable Noodle StirFry, Korean Bi Bim Bop Freezer

Each one-hour video conference call from Zonya’s kitchen also includes plenty of time for Q&A and an opportunity to share your successes and challenges.

You will receive an invitation via email to access the livestream prior to each date. If you can’t make the live event, no problem. A link to the recorded presentation will be provided following the live date.

2. Since tasting is believing, you’ll be commissioned to try your version of the featured recipes at home during the next week!







3. You’ll also use the following Success Tools to master healthy eating as a way of life!Eat Real America Logo

  • One-year membership to Receive continuous support with online access to Zonya and REAL for partner, Krista Sanderson, plus over 1,000 family-tested REAL food recipes, twice-weekly coaching emails, and a customizable online recipe box and time-saving shopping list… all in an ad-free environment. You will love this! Take a website tour.
  • Eat REAL Cookbook 28-Day Kickstart is your kitchen countertop coach that applies all the skills learned in the webinar lessons to create wholesome and delicious entrees and sides for 4 weeks, and beyond! Look Inside.
  • Wipe-erase Daily Defender Checklist reminds and challenges you – and everyone in the family! – to regularly consume the very REAL foods known to be powerhouse disease-fighters.
  • Eat REAL Shopping List Notepad encourages meal planning while organizing your shopping list by grocery store section, getting you in and out of the store in no time.

Boost your family’s immunity now, while bonding over new recipes at home! With REAL food, you’ll slay sugar cravings, trim unnecessary calories and boost key nutrients and fiber, while also protecting against disease.

Your purchase includes Free Shipping!



“The Eat REAL program was definitely a turning point for me (and my family) and helped us to eat better. We have more energy and have been getting sick less – and my husband dropped about 30 pounds!”

“I began Zonya’s Eat REAL program exactly one year ago. Since then, I’ve lost 90 pounds, and dropped my cholesterol 60 points. Eating REAL is FOR REAL! Life-changing. Live-saving.”

“I began Zonya’s Eat REAL program one year ago. It’s been a delicious dive into so many flavor combinations, and I’ve lost 70 glorious pounds! I highly recommend this program!”

“Learning why and how to eat delicious, unprocessed REAL food was what I needed to complete my 60-pound weight loss journey.”

“It’s like joining Zonya and a bunch of friends around her kitchen island, only virtually. If I can’t make the live video conference call, I know I can watch the recording later. I love this connection time of learning – it has really improved the way my family and I eat!”

“I began Zonya’s DIET FREE program 10 months ago and have lost 40 pounds and 70 points off my cholesterol. I no longer take blood pressure, cholesterol or acid reflux medication! I’m super excited to begin the Eat REAL Livestream program, as my goal is to lose 10 more pounds in time to ‘lose 50 before I’m 50’ in June. I tell everyone about Zonya and her ‘live by video conference’ programs… join us!”

“Last fall I went through Zonya’s DIET FREE program and am really looking forward to Eat REAL. You may remember Zonya from her PBS special and TV series years ago. She is very inspiring to work with. Her energy and enthusiasm come across fully in her webinars – you’ve gotta do it!”

“I want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for teaching me how to EAT REAL. In the 2 months since I started this journey, I have lost 30 pounds!”

“My husband and I eat so many more vegetables than we ever did before. And they’re delicious!”

“I will continue to use the Eat Real America website for the rest of my life because it is such an AMAZING resource.”

“I made Chocolate Chia Energy Bites today for the students in my healthy lifestyle class. The kids loved them! It was so much fun watching them enjoy something good for them.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Eat REAL Livestream classes. We met on Zoom for just over an hour with a different topic each week. Each week a new topic was presented live and there was always time for questions and comments. The structure of the classes was very well organized and executed. I highly recommend her classes. Zonya is very motivating and real. Thank you!”

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