“Zonya’s Health Bites” Season Two (3 DVD Set)

Watch 13 episodes of Zonya’s 30-minute weekly television series aired on public television. As your personal wellness coach, Zonya tackles everyday challenges for everyday people. Sprinkled throughout are Zonya’s hard-facts nutrition lessons and visual humor delivered in clips from her live speaking performances. Watch Video Clip.


If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to eat healthy, lose weight, work exercise into your lifestyle, or get the kids to eat something healthier than junk food, you won’t want to miss one single episode of “Zonya’s Health Bites” Season Two.

Each episode includes these segments:

The Power of One Good Habit
A certified professional speaker, Zonya uses her inspiring energy and visual humor to deliver key points for helping people adopt one good habit at a time.

Zonya’s Grocery Picks
Learn to maneuver in the grocery store and find both the healthiest and best choices in each food aisle. Zonya cracks the code on food labels in every aisle.

Lickety-Split Cooking
Busy lifestyles mean time-poor families looking to save minutes in the kitchen without compromising healthy meals. That is why in the kitchen Zonya shows you how to make everyday family favorites easy, delicious and nutritious.

Junior Bites
Zonya teaches parents how to get kids to adopt one good habit at a time – at mealtime, playtime and family time.

Indoors or out, this segment covers all elements of physical fitness. From simple exercises to yoga, Zonya illustrates quick and easy workouts attainable by everyone in the family.

Enjoy these Season Two episodes in this 3-DVD set:

Episode 201: Getting Green and Vegging Out
Episode 202: New Taste for An Old Story: Updating The Low-Fat Message
Episode 203: Lowering Your Cholesterol Without Medication
Episode 204: Getting Healthy Lickety Split
Episode 205: The Best Breakfast Choices
Episode 206: Fast Food Flips
Episode 207: Discovering New Stand-By Stars
Episode 208: The Snack Dilemma
Episode 209: Feeding Hungry Teenagers on The Go
Episode 210: The Ongoing Snack Dilemma
Episode 211: Pulling Your Sweet Tooth
Episode 212: Omega-3: The Super-Hero Fat
Episode 213: Overcoming Morning Madness

Join Zonya as she helps America’s families fight obesity and gain health!


“I’ve been watching your shows the last couple months and with your help have lost about 30 pounds. Thank you for what you do.”

“I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you have become to me. Your show is informative and entertaining, and I am completely hooked. I have learned more from you than any doctor has even attempted to teach me. We are making much better choices now. I have lost 10 pounds and don’t feel hungry. I don’t consider myself to be on a diet, just eating better.”

“I am a stay-at-home mom and really appreciate your health tips and LOVE the meals — they are good for you and practical at the same time. Every mom who has a picky eater knows that planning a meal that the entire family will enjoy can be a challenge. Your program is so fun to watch; you are so “real” that I feel like I am cooking with a friend!”

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