Airport Survival: Smart Eats

Finding healthy grab-and-go food choices at the airport may seem like a “Where’s Waldo?” exercise in futility. But it’s worth the time and effort to scrutinize your choices, particularly if you travel often.

Or better yet, save yourself time and let me scrutinize them for you!

I recently hit the jackpot with fresh food choices galore, including lots of fruit and veggie options here:

I also stumbled into a GREAT airport salad that I was thrilled to find at Argo Tea:

This salad is now a “must have” for me! After the third time tracking down this delicious dish at Chicago O’Hare airport, it became time to recreate the recipe so none of us have to fly to enjoy it. Try this Cilantro and Carrot Lentil Salad from my partner website,