Event Planner's Kit

If your audience is interested in lifelong health and lasting weight loss, then Zonya is the speaker for your event. As a registered dietician, Zonya knows nutrition inside out and as a speaker, she knows how to entertain as she informs and inspires her audience.

Zonya uses her dynamic presence and engaging personality to shift people away from a diet failure frame of mind as she introduces them to The Power of One Good Habit. Your audience will love Zonya's common sense approach, practical strategies and supporting products as they discover that the healthy life they've always wanted is just one good habit away.

Zonya is always ready to customize her keynotes and presentations for special audiences. If you don't see exactly what you need, please contact us with your requirements. Thank you for thinking of Zonya for your event!

"Zonya's presentation was larger than life, full of charisma and energy. Everyone took what Zonya had to say to heart and kept referring to her presentation the entire next day. We offered Zonya's book, Lickety-Split Meals and sold out all copies. Again, attesting to the fact that her messages on healthy eating in a fast-paced world were well received."

- Sheri Hord, Manager, Learning & Education, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Toronto, Ontario