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Zonya Foco

Eat REAL for Your Health inspires and equips individuals and their families
to roll up their sleeves and prepare wholesome, REAL food meals at home, improving health deliciously.

“It’s about time we address the elephant in the room…
poor eating, due to inadequate cooking and flavoring skills.
This program instills nutrition-in-the-kitchen competence, and is a game-changer!”
– Mary Connors Werme, Holtyn Wellness Manager, MI

Eat REAL for Your Health includes:

  • 8 Eat REAL for Your Health video lessons deliver cutting edge nutrition education plus a demonstration of a show-stopping REAL food recipe. From eating like the Mediterraneans, to enjoying pizza, pasta and desserts healthfully, your employees will be in the know!

Online: Email video weblinks, embed videos on your intranet, or enroll participants in our eight-lesson Learning Management System course. Program outcome and video lesson completion reporting included.

In-Person: Facilitate weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions that are 25-55 minutes in length, with featured recipe sampling and your choice of additional group activities. Facilitator Guide included.

Gain the best of both worlds by offering online and in-person sessions concurrently!

Healthy Recipes
  • One-year membership to provides continuous support with online access to Zonya and REAL food partner, Krista Sanderson, plus over 1,000 family-tested recipes, twice-weekly coaching emails, and a customizable online recipe box and time-saving shopping list… all in an ad-free environment. Take a website tour.

  • Eat REAL Cookbook 28-Day Kickstart applies all the skills learned in the video lessons to create wholesome and delicious meals for 4 weeks, and beyond! Look Inside.

  • Wipe-erase Daily Defender Checklist reminds and challenges everyone in the family to regularly consume the foods known to be powerhouse disease-fighters.

  • Eat REAL Shopping List Notepad encourages meal planning while organizing shopping by grocery store section, making the task of grocery shopping a cinch!

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Each video is about 7 minutes in length

  1. Why Eat REAL, Starting with Snacking! Replace packaged snacks with options from the REAL snack aisle.
  2. Breakfast of Champions, Fast and REAL. Start the day with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and fiber-rich REAL food.
  3. Power Up Your Salads and the Benefits of Cruciferous. Include one daily serving of cruciferous vegetables and reduce your risk of cancer deliciously.
  4. Chocolate that’s Good for You…for REAL! Choose truly dark chocolate (not the imposters) plus berries for a healthy way to satisfy a sweet tooth.
  5. Go Mediterranean and Love Every Bite! Learn several distinct reasons we should eat as the Mediterraneans do.
  6. Spotlight on Spices and Slow Cooker Secrets. Pair health-promoting spices with cruciferous cauliflower to create a dinner made easy by the “kitchen lifesaver.”
  7. Healthy Pizza Enjoyed Out or At Home. Adopt a winning 3-step “Pizza Code of Conduct” that makes pizza night deliciously healthy.
  8. Embrace Plant-Based with Stir Fry, Oh My! Learn the simple art of stir-frying to exponentially increase vegetable intake for the whole family.
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“THANK YOU for teaching me how to EAT REAL. In the 2 months since starting this program, my family is in shock at how delicious the meals are… while I’ve lost 30 pounds and dropped my cholesterol 60 points!”


“I’m so grateful for my employer. My entire family eats so many more vegetables than we ever did before. And who knew? They’re delicious!”


“I will continue to use the Eat Real America website for the rest of my life because it is such an AMAZING resource.”


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