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Zonya Foco

Inspire and equip your employees, members or subscribers to roll up their sleeves and quantifiably improve their health… deliciously!

See how Lee Schools of Florida calculated a 1:8.5 ROI!

“It’s time to address the elephant in the room… poor eating, due to inadequate cooking skills. This program instills nutrition-in-the-kitchen competence, and is a game-changer!”
– Mary Werme, Wellness Manager, MI

“Our 500 participants achieved a 98% completion rate, and netted over $425,000 in projected health care cost avoidance. Fantastic!”
– Heather Parker, Program Administrator, FL

Eat REAL for Your Health includes:

  • 8 Eat REAL for Your Health video lessons deliver cutting edge nutrition education plus a demonstration of a show-stopping REAL food recipe. From eating like the Mediterraneans, to enjoying pizza, pasta and desserts healthfully, your employees will be in the know!