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  • Nutrition Speaker
  • Nutrition Speaker
  • Nutrition Speaker
  • Nutrition Speaker

Conference Add-Ons

Conference Energizer

Infuse a message of health throughout your meeting! Attendees love moving and laughing to music while gaining inspiration and focus during Zonya’s 5-minute Energy Breaks. Learn more.

Cooking Show

Let Zonya raise the bar on your event by including a hassle-free cooking show! Easy instruction and delicious flavors embolden attendees’ creativity and take-home application. Learn more.

Exhibit Booth Attraction

Before or after presenting, let Zonya provide added draw to your (or your sponsor’s) exhibit booth by providing a Q/A, book signing or food demo with tasting.  Learn more.

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Breakout Sessions

Zonya’s breadth of expertise and personable nature make her an excellent choice for one or more breakout sessions. Attendees love the interaction that smaller sessions allow.

Half or Full Day Programs

Take a deep dive into any of Zonya’s topics, customized just for your audience! Zonya is uniquely able to keep engagement high while providing essential content from start to finish.

Spouse Programs

Zonya is a winner with programs designed to engage spouses! You may wish to include a cooking show with tastings, guaranteeing special treatment and memorable fun for all!

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Keep Your Healthy On!

Get Zonya’s plan for a “no-brainer” week of meals, plus bonus “What I Eat in a Day” video!

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