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Zonya's Weight Loss Story

Zonya's passion for healthy eating and physical fitness was inspired by her own struggle with weight. A trim kid, she had always kept up with her two active brothers and her physically fit mom until suddenly, the summer before her junior year in high school, she gained 20 pounds. As a cheerleader positioned in the middle of the human pyramid, this was not a good thing. In the first practice of the season, Zonya heard her fellow teammates say loud and clear, "Go on a diet!"

Zonya Foco Zonya took the problem in confidence to her mother. "Mom, I have to lose 20 pounds, and I have to lose it by Friday's game." Together they concocted their own crazy weight loss combination of fasting and a liquid diet. Like so many other people, they thought that this would result in the greatest possible weight loss by Friday's game. Zonya quickly learned (as many of us have), that dieting is actually a very effective way to gain weight.

The Human Yo-Yo

After four years as a human yo-yo, whose weight always went up more than it went down, Zonya took her first college nutrition class. From that point on, she dedicated herself to the principles of good nutrition. Little did she know that her new passion for nutrition would be the catalyst for a career as America's Nutrition Leader.

Through her own struggles and successes, and those of her clients, the pieces of the “permanent” weight-loss puzzle began to reveal themselves. In a quest to replace cumbersome number counting with a few simple habits that each of us could easily and realistically rely on for the rest of our lives, Zonya’s “Eight Healthy Eating Habits for Life” were born. She began teaching these eight habits from her speaking platform and on her TV show. And the results were phenomenal! The habits worked, and worked permanently!

DIET-FREE Weight Loss

In 2006 she and Stephen Moss incorporated her eight proven habits with his own weight-loss strategies and emotionally charged storytelling talents to create America’s first DIET-FREE weight-loss novel, Water with Lemon!

The once overweight teen has now been replaced with Zonya the author, speaker and TV personality. But her personal struggle with weight continues to inspire Zonya's passionate commitment to help others experience the gift of great health and the joy of diet-free, guilt-free weight loss through the Power of One Good Habit.