Zonya Testimonials

Zonya at Tri-State Area Safety Council

"Zonya’s presentation on wellness generated 100% positive feedback from our safety council which encompasses a wide range of industries. It is hard to find a presenter that appeals to every company in our group, however, Zonya managed with ease. I have never seen reviews this high before or since."
- Eric Scherpenberg
Safety Council Manager
Tri-State Area Safety Council

Emil Lozanov and Zonya Foco

"Zonya is a fantastic speaker - the best I’ve seen in my life. She captivates attention and convinces you in an entertaining way to accept and start applying her health messages right away. America must see her!"
- Emil Lozanov, Ph.D.
Academic Services Officer
Wayne State University

Sara Vaught

"Our event was wonderful and Zonya is amazing!"
- Sara Vaught
Delaware Area Safety Council

Zonya Testimonials

Zonya Foco nutrition speaker

"Our third time having you present in Macon and we are SO PLEASED!! The women absolutely LOVED YOU! Personally, I did four things differently that very night at dinner - a testament that your presentation hit home!" - Robin Parker, V.P. of Marketing Coliseum Health System, Macon, GA

"When men are walking out of a safety council meeting saying 'great program today!', I know we had a really successful event! We average 220, but we had 251 for Zonya's presentation." - Sally Cox, Summit County Safety Council

"Zonya’s presentation was larger than life, full of charisma and energy, showing amazing creativity and lasting message. Everyone took what Zonya had to say to heart. Excellent!" - Sheri Hord, Manager Learning & Education, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Canada

"What a fabulous presentation! Our audience loved hearing usable information they'd never heard before. And the fun way in which Zonya presented made her message really stick in everyone's brain. I wouldn't have changed a thing!!" - Amy Neuman, Marketing Specialist, Allegiance Health, Jackson MI

Zonya at WIC Conference

"When Zonya hit her keynote "out of the park" at our state conference... we just had to have her at our national conference. What a great decision! She electrified our events with movement, music and awe-inspiring stories. Attendees LOVED her!" - Terry Bryce Oklahoma WIC and Board Chair of the National WIC Assoc.

"The program evaluations were outstanding and the feedback on your presentations were stellar! I highly recommend you!" - Chris Neal, Washington School Nutrition Association, Past President

"Girl, you are awesome! Thank you so much for lighting up our attendees. We give you a 10 plus." - Tim Violette, Director, The Boeing Company

Zonya Foco wellness speaker "It was a great decision to have Zonya at our Ohio SHRM conference. In fact, her session evaluations were outstanding, with attendee comments including:

  • Great presenter who held everyone's attention
  • The entire session was packed with helpful information
  • I will definitely be sharing some of her tips with my employees
  • Loved all of it, she was fantastic
  • Bring Zonya back next year

- Sheri Caldwell, Ph.D., SPHR

"On behalf of NASA, we would like to extend our most sincere thank you for a presentation that was out of this world. : ) Our attendees loved your message." - Nichole Richmond, Career Development Forum, NASA

Zonya with Chuck Gilespie

"Zonya’s DIET FREE keynote energized our 500 attendees and set the tone for the entire event, like few others can. We brought her to another event and her STREZZ FREE topic scored an even bigger home-run. Such an important message for employees and employers alike." - Chuck Gillespie, Executive Director, Wellness Council of Indiana

"Your STREZZ-FREE presentation is a knock out! Our 'Ladies Day at the MEA' audience felt an instant connection. You truly exceeded our expectations!" - Nancy Strachan, VP of Michigan Education Association, East Lansing, MI

"WOW! What a wonderful, high-energy presentation you gave us! We have received the most positive feedback. You will be a VERY tough act to follow next year!" - Michele D., Memorial Hospital Foundation, CA

Zonya Foco cookbook author

"We still have people emailing in telling us what a great job you did! You stole the show and we can’t thank you enough for that. It was a pleasure working with you and I can’t wait to do it again... next year for sure" - Barclay B. Doctors Hospital, Augusta, Georgia

"Her presentation style is high-energy knowledge packed with lighthearted humor and simple, take home lifestyle change bites. Because Zonya made herself available for cookbook signing before the program she learned information about the audience. She was then able to engage with the audience and personalize her presentation." - Monica Ritschke, RN, MSN, Director, Affinity Health System, Wisconsin

"What I like best about your presentation is that you "turn on light bulbs." We get connected, we laugh, we learn, we understand, and lives are changed. Thank you!" - Arlette Wright, Education Coordinator, The Women's Center Reading Hospital and Medical Center, West Reading, Pennsylvania

Zonya Foco weight loss speaker

"Attendees loved the energy, the passion, the knowledge, and the fun that Zonya brought to all of her sessions!" - Stephen Hundley, Ph.D., Program Chairperson, 2014 HR Indiana Annual Conference

"She empowers people by getting them to empower themselves. I can't think of a better person to partner with for our 3-day conference." - Michael Rosen, Network Relationship Manager, Planetree