DIET FREE: Zonya’s Deep Dive Edition

Series now Closed for Enrollment

Program runs July 15 – November 11, 2021

with Zoom Livestreams every other Thursday, starting July 22
at 7 – 8 pm ET

Adopt Zonya’s Eight DIET FREE Habits – over a focused 4-month period – with this exclusive opportunity to be coached by Zonya herself in a group format online!

If you’ve participated in DIET FREE previously, scroll to “FAQs” below to learn how you can join in on this 4-month intensive at a discounted rate.

Comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee.



Program Description

It’s Zonya’s signature DIET FREE program… facilitated online by Zonya herself!

Would you love to lose weight sensibly and keep it off, WITHOUT having to give up entire groups of food? Get ready to model healthy, well-balanced eating strategies to the whole family, without depriving them or yourself. It is possible using a guilt-free, DIET FREE approach! In fact, see how these lives were changed by going DIET FREE.

What You’ll Learn

Adopt a truly healthy lifestyle that STICKS… one habit at a time!

With Zonya’s Eight DIET FREE Habits, you’ll lose weight and improve your health through sensible nutrition and exercise. And with a focus on one habit every two weeks, you’ll have a full 14 days to make each habit YOUR OWN, so that you will naturally..

  1. Eat the right food in the right amount every day, without feeling deprived
  2. Go to bed each night with all the right calories, protein, fiber, fat and carbs, without tedious counting
  3. Discover the exercise you want to do, not have to do, in a way that makes “Exercise” your middle name!

In this Deep Dive Edition, Zonya will address topics relevant to YOUR everyday health:

  • Good carbs vs those to limit
  • Steps to end emotional eating
  • Intermittent fasting (IF) how-to
  • Safe limits on alcohol and supplements
  • Sealing the deal on exercise you actually ENJOY doing
  • Secrets to really eat all the fruits & veggies you should
  • How to gain control over sugar… and never fall prey again

Program Format

You’ll watch one 30-minute recorded-for-PBS video seminar – at your convenience – every two weeks via Zonya’s online learning platform at Each seminar features one nutrition and one exercise habit, plus a challenge from Zonya to complete specific habit activities, using your Success Tools to guide you. Every other week, the whole group will meet together with Zonya via Zoom, where – live from her kitchen – she will demonstrate practical tips to SEAL the habits you are working on, give you inspiration to go the distance, and provide essential support to help you transform your health and your life. See how transformational DIET FREE can be.

Upon enrollment, you will receive access to Zonya’s DIET FREE Zonline Course via her learning platform at, which provides:

  • Online streaming of all 10 DIET FREE video lessons (each ~30 minutes in length), released according to the DIET FREE Deep Dive Schedule.
  • Movement Training videos, led by Physical Therapist Sherry McLaughlin, to strengthen your core, balance and symmetry.
  • Checkpoints, in the way of simple 3-question quizzes, to measure what you’ve learned.
  • Pre- and post-program assessments, to celebrate your health outcomes.

Each 45-minute webinar is followed by ample time for Q&A so you can overcome any obstacles you face. And we know, life is full of them!

Your Program Includes These Success Tools

If you have participated in DIET FREE previously and already have these Success Tools, you may qualify for our discounted rate. Learn more in “FAQs” below!

  • Lifestyle Guide helps you employ a stepped approach to healthy living with weekly reading, tracking and application that aligns with the video seminar content.
  • Habit Tracker brings all of the Eight Habits together seamlessly, with a 30-day tracking activity that you begin during Lesson 7.
  • Lickety-Split Meals Cookbook is Zonya’s “kitchen countertop coach” that helps you enjoy eating the DIET FREE way… with easy, time-saving and delicious family-favorite recipes.
  • DIET FREE Novel, Water with Lemon creates readiness for change like nothing else, through an emotionally compelling story of health and weight control with characters we can all relate to.
  • “Live DIET FREE” Reminder Wristband helps you keep the habits top of mind as you work on conquering each one.

About Your Order

  1. If you don’t already have an account with us, you will be prompted to create a account during the checkout process. The username and password you choose will be the same login information you will use to access the DIET FREE seminars via Zonya’s learning platform at
  2. Your order confirmation email will provide a link to access the DIET FREE seminars, allowing you to watch the Introduction seminar as soon as you are ready! (The remaining seminars will be released according to the DIET FREE Deep Dive Schedule.) You can also login via the “Zonline Course Login” link found in the website header at
  3. You will have access to the seminars for 1 full year, which begins on the date of purchase.


Yes! Whether you have previously participated in DIET FREE on your own, or through a community or worksite group, you qualify for our discount. Simply choose this drop-down Purchase Option: “DIET FREE Deep Dive (I am a repeating participant).” We will verify that you are in our DIET FREE registry, and you will be charged $199 (instead of $299). Not sure if you are in our registry? Contact Us, and we will confirm for you!

After adding the “DIET FREE Deep Dive (I am a repeating participant)” product to your shopping cart, you will be presented with the option to add this to your cart for $25: “Tracking Materials for DIET FREE Partners or Repeaters.” This product will include the replacement Lifestyle Guide and Habit Tracker you need!

Yes! After adding the DIET FREE Deep Dive product to your shopping cart, you will be presented with the option to add this to your cart for $25: “Tracking Materials for DIET FREE Partners or Repeaters.” This product will include an extra Lifestyle Guide and Habit Tracker for your same-household member (the two items that are not easily shared, since you will be writing in them!).

Yes, DIET FREE: Deep Dive Edition with Zonya comes with a 45 day, money-back guarantee. Your 45 days begins on the program start date of July 15, 2021. That means you will need to cancel via phone (517.467.6995) or email ( by August 29, 2021 at 5 pm ET to receive a refund.

If your purchase option included Success Tools, you will need to ship your program materials to the address below. Upon receipt of your materials, you will be refunded all but $11.95 for our cost of shipping.

Return items to:
1240 Sand Lake Drive
Onsted, MI 49265

If you prefer to keep the materials and/or the materials and access to the DIET FREE seminars in the learning platform, simply contact us via phone or email and let us know what you would like to keep, and we will adjust your refund accordingly.

No problem! The livestream recording is always emailed to each enrolled participant the next day, along with Zonya’s slides and any Action Steps assigned to the group!


“Being a nurse, I already knew about healthy living, but DIET FREE made me look at everything differently. I’ve now lost 25 pounds, my cholesterol is down 50 points, and I feel amazing!”

“I love the way Zonya teaches the live webinars. She presents the information in such a funny and kind manner that the information sticks. It is the best $300 I have ever spent.”

“The support I received through the live webinar format made all the difference. My family and friends have seen noticeable weight loss in me, and I also feel much healthier. Thank you!”

“I love the webinars and the private Facebook group. I was able to ask a question and got an immediate answer and feedback – excellent support.”

“Diets? I’ve done them all. I’ve lost and gained weight my whole life, so consider myself pretty knowledgeable on the subject of “what’s good and bad.” But DIET FREE cleared up a lot of misconceptions about sustainable weight loss. I don’t have to give up all grains, or all sweets. Who knew? And now, 27 pounds later I feel amazing! My numbers are all good now too. These habits aren’t hard. They aren’t depriving. I can do this forever!”

“I began Zonya’s DIET FREE program 10 months ago and have lost 40 pounds and 70 points off my cholesterol. I no longer take blood pressure, cholesterol or acid reflux medication! My goal of losing 10 more pounds in time to ‘lose 50 before I’m 50’ in June is becoming a reality. I tell everyone about Zonya and her livestream programs!”

“This online webinar edition allowed me to ask specific questions to an expert – one that feels like a trusted advisor and friend – in a fun and entertaining style about what to eat and how to be happy about it.”

“I’ve lost 9 pounds so far (not bad over the holidays)! I have a history of gastroesophageal reflux, and that’s gone. I’m sleeping a lot better. I’ve found how to exercise in a way that’s helping my newly replaced knees feel more natural when moving. Great for my mobility!”

“During 3 of the highest-calorie eating months of the year, and without feeling like I was restricted or “sacrificing” favorite foods, I’m down 2 inches in my waist. Friends ask if I’ve lost weight!”

“One word for this program… AMAZING. The time doing the program was such a worthwhile investment in myself. The small goals that I set and achieved each week led me to feeling stronger, more energetic and overall more confident. Best of all, my doctor says I’m kicking pre-diabetes to the curb!”

“I remembered Zonya from her PBS special and TV series years ago. I did DIET FREE with her last fall, and she is very inspiring to work with. Her energy and enthusiasm come across fully in her webinars – you’ve gotta do it!”

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