Everyday Fitness: Movement Training (DVD)

Zonya has teamed up with Movement Training Specialist Sherry McLaughlin to bring you this innovative workout program focusing on your core, legs and arms. Sherry and Zonya teach you how to retrain your muscles to work the way they were designed to work regardless of age, gender or athletic ability.


Retrain Your Muscles for a Pain-Free, Active Lifestyle!

  • Learn five facts about your body’s design you never knew
  • Regain an active lifestyle currently compromised by pain
  • Enhance your fitness program and excel in your performance

This DVD includes these segments:

Introduction: Key Movement Facts 15 min.
Learn how to retrain your muscles so they work the way they are designed to work – pain free – regardless of age, gender or athletic ability.

Beginner Workout 30 min.
This beginner workout helps restore hip and ankle mobility, strengthens legs and core, and improves shoulder flexibility. If you have headaches and pains that keep you from taking part in an active lifestyle, this is the program for you.

Advanced Workout 30 min.
Once you’ve mastered the movements of the Beginner Workout, these exercises will take your fitness to the next level. This Advanced Workout further strengthens core and legs, as well as incorporates higher intensity arm work.

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“I LOVE this Movement Training Program DVD. It’s making a huge difference in my core strength and is the only exercise program that has reduced my tummy fat and tightened my butt. It also has eliminated my aches and pains, particularly my long-term back pain.”

“I am enjoying the Everyday Fitness with Zonya video. This is a workout I will continue with, and that will help strengthen me – something I really need!”

“This video is very informative and got me motivated to exercise regularly!”

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