How Greens Fight the Blues

Four sessions, every Thursday night via Zoom: January 13 through February 3, 2022 at 7-8 pm ET

Get ready to transform your food and fitness to work for you, your mood, and your resilience. Each of four sessions will leave you ON FIRE – and ready to accept Zonya’s invitation to tell the blues who’s boss! Zonya uses nutrition science and in-your-OWN-kitchen action steps to harness the power of specific foods to boost your mood, while ditching those that drag it down.


Program Description

In this 4-part livestream series, you’ll discover which foods and supplements positively impact your mental health, while learning how to incorporate them daily… setting you up for a healthy and fulfilling year.

What You’ll Learn

  • Exactly how greens (and other foods) set you up to better cope with stress – something we’re all dealing with these days.
  • How to make simple, achievable food and recipe swap-outs that science confirms make a true difference in how we feel.
  • The latest data on supplements, including Omega-3s, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12.
  • Ways to become more confident cooking with anti-inflammatory spices, like turmeric.

This Program Includes

Recipe Challenges: Zonya will share step-by-step recipe demonstrations that entertain and delight your senses. You’ll then be challenged to make these delicious and easy-to-follow recipes in your own kitchen, including comforting and family-raving new soups, stews and salads… plus the most amazing, nourishing and mood-lifting sweet treat bites, puddings and smoothies!

Online Recipe Resource: You’ll enjoy a FREE 6-month membership to (a $30 value), Zonya’s partner site with over 1,000 searchable recipes and twice-weekly coaching tips to keep you encouraged, always learning and on track! (If you already have an existing membership, your current membership will be extended by 6 months). All the recipes shared in this series will be found at this robust, advertisement-free website.

Yoga Challenges: Zonya has partnered with for this series, who leads a simple, stress-busting flow during each recorded session.


Zonya will present each of the four 1-hour sessions live from her kitchen via Zoom. Your purchase confirmation email will include a recurring Zoom link, allowing you to access each of the livestreams via computer or phone. We will email you 1 day in advance of each livestream as a reminder, and we will email you 1 day following with the session recording and your tasty Action Steps for the week! You will also receive an invitation to join Zonya’s private Facebook group for 24/7 support, or to reach out to Zonya via email with your questions.

Accept Zonya’s nutrition and exercise challenge to make your mood truly triumphant with How Greens Fight the Blues!