How Greens Fight the Blues

Four 1-hour long sessions, recorded live from Zonya’s kitchen.

Get ready to transform your food and fitness to work for you, your mood, and your resilience. Each of four sessions will leave you ON FIRE – and ready to accept Zonya’s invitation to tell the blues who’s boss! Zonya uses nutrition science and in-your-OWN-kitchen action steps to harness the power of specific foods to boost your mood, while ditching those that drag it down.


Program Description

In this 4-part series, you’ll discover which foods and supplements positively impact your mental health, while learning how to incorporate them daily… setting you up for a healthy and fulfilling year.

What You’ll Learn

  • Exactly how greens (and other foods) set you up to better cope with stress – something we’re all dealing with these days.
  • How to make simple, achievable food and recipe swap-outs that science confirms make a true difference in how we feel.
  • The latest data on supplements, including Omega-3s, Vit D and Vit B12.
  • Ways to become more confident cooking with anti-inflammatory spices, like turmeric.

This Program Includes

Recipe Challenges: Zonya shares step-by-step recipe demonstrations that entertain and delight your senses. You’ll then be challenged to make these delicious and easy-to-follow recipes in your own kitchen, including comforting and family-raving new soups, stews and salads… plus the most amazing, nourishing and mood-lifting sweet treat bites, puddings and smoothies!

Online Recipe Resource: You’ll enjoy a FREE 6-month membership to (a $30 value), Zonya’s partner site with over 1,000 searchable recipes and twice-weekly coaching tips to keep you encouraged, always learning and on track! (If you already have an existing membership, your current membership will be extended by 6 months). All the recipes shared in this series will be found at this robust, advertisement-free website.

Yoga Challenges: Zonya has partnered with for this series, who leads a simple, stress-busting flow during each recorded session.


View the four recorded sessions and complete Zonya’s recipe challenges at the pace that works for you!  Upon purchase, you will receive a downloadable pdf that includes:

  1. A link to each session recording, which includes food and mood know-how, recipe demo’s from Zonya’s kitchen, and yoga instruction from
  2. Action Notes and recipe links, which propel you into tasty homework for the week!
  3. An invitation to join Zonya’s private Facebook group for 24/7 support, or to reach out to Zonya via email with your questions.

Accept Zonya’s nutrition and exercise challenge to make your mood truly triumphant with How Greens Fight the Blues!

I have diabetes. Is this series for me?
Absolutely! As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I understand the nutrition needs of people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. All recipes shared in this series meet the guidelines of the American Diabetes Association, plus the nutrition analysis for every recipe will be shared. So yes, you are in good hands here! (P.S. The low-sugar, nutrient-rich foods that fight depression also improve blood sugar control!)

I have gluten sensitivity. Is this series for me?
Yes! Every recipe featured is either naturally gluten-free (GF), or the GF ingredient substitution is provided. Over 700 of the recipes at are labeled and searchable as “Gluten Free.”

My real goal is to lose weight.  How much will this series help me do that?
A LOT!!! Realistic solutions for healthy and long-lasting weight loss are guaranteed in each session.

I have attended other Zonya Livestreams (Boost Your Immune System, Eat REAL and/or Dodging Diabetes) in the past. Does this series have ALL new content?
YES! Every recipe is new and unlike what’s been featured before. If you liked my past programs and are looking for more, this is it!

I already have Zonya’s Eat REAL Cookbook. Do I need to have the membership?
Yes! Most of the recipes featured in this series are found on the site, and not in the cookbook. We therefore include membership to the site as part of this series.

Should I get the Eat REAL Cookbook too?
Yes! The cookbook is an awesome addition! For anyone who doesn’t already have it, I highly suggest it.. though you don’t have to, because every recipe in the cookbook is also at That said, the recipes in the cookbook are 100 of the most prized recipes from the site, organized into a 4-week meal plan challenge. Plus, shopping lists and all the added tips included throughout the book make it a must-have. I also suggest the REAL Food Daily Defender Checklist and Shopping List Notepads… all great tools that make healthy eating so much EASIER!

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“As a fellow dietitian/nutritionist, I highly recommend Zonya’s courses. I have gained great inspiration for myself, as well as the most innovative ideas to help my own clients.”  – Pat from Alabama

“I’ve been through the depths of despair and I know how hard it can be to even find the energy to prepare a meal when you’re in the thick of it.  In the last year, I’ve taken every class Zonya offered and have been inspired to make lasting changes.  Zonya’s energy is infectious and her recipes are delicious, easy, and loaded with all the good stuff that will help you kiss the blues goodbye.  I’m a different person now thanks to Zonya’s guidance, and I can’t wait to learn even more from this new class!”  – Debbie from Michigan

“THANK YOU for this great course! I went from 2 Yes’s (Greens Goober) to 9 Yes’s (Greens Gladiator) on my Greens IQ and feel full of gratitude to you for all your inspiration! You have gotten me to try all kinds of new foods and preparation methods. I’ve really increased my greens and may even turn GREEN!! I drink smoothies now and LOVE them! I’ll be signing up for your next Cholesterol Program! Can’t wait!”  – Mary from Indiana

“Thank you for a fantastic course! The lessons I have learned from you have truly transformed how my family eats.”  – Jessica from Wisconsin

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