The Fridge Combo Set

Eat REAL Shopping List Notepad & REAL Food Daily Defender Checklist (1 of each)
Plan your meals and grocery needs for the week with the time-saving Shopping List Notepad, while keeping powerhouse disease-fighting foods top of mind with the Daily Defender Checklist.

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Simplify and supercharge your everyday health!

About the Eat REAL Shopping List Notepad

Get in and out of the store in no time with this shopping-with-ease solution!

Notepad is sized 6×9 inches and contains 25 pages on a manila board backing. Notepad adheres easily to your fridge via a sturdy magnet on the back.

Here’s how to use the Eat REAL Shopping List Notepad:
  1. Write your meal ideas at the top of the list. Include sources and page numbers for ease in locating your recipes later.
    (Use the Eat REAL Cookbook and/or Lickety-Split Meals Cookbook for inspiration!)
  2. Create your shopping list, using the notepad categories to keep you organized.
  3. Enjoy an efficient trip to the store, or hand off your list to a capable family member. (Extreme smile!)
  4. Keep your notepad posted on the fridge to add needed items throughout the week.

About the REAL Food Daily Defender Checklist

Remind and challenge yourself – and everyone in the family! – to regularly consume the very foods known to be powerhouse disease-fighters.

Checklist is a dry-erase removable vinyl decal sized 8.5 x 6.75 inches. Dry-erase marker and adhesive marker clip holder included.

Here’s how to use the REAL Food Daily Defender Checklist:
  1. Place the re-adhering wipe-erase checklist on your fridge, cupboard door or bathroom mirror.
  2. For yourself, track for 4 weeks (and enter 4 weeks of dates onto the blank lines at top). Or, to include family members, track for 1 week (and enter names onto the black lines), then wipe-erase and complete another week.
  3. Place a check mark next to the items you consume each day. Gradually add more as you go along.
  4. Crush the challenge! Use the checklist for at least 21 days in order to lay down the habit. Then pick up again as needed.