Two Cookbook Special

Lickety-Split Meals and Eat REAL Cookbook

Double-up on Zonya’s dinnertime solutions and save! Purchase Lickety-Split Meals and Eat REAL Cookbook 28-Day Kickstart together and save an additional $4.95.

Look Inside Lickety-Split Meals.
Look Inside Eat REAL Cookbook.


Zonya has double the solutions to the “what’s for dinner?” dilemma!

Lickety-Split Meals, Zonya’s newly revised, best-selling “Fastest Way to Healthy” cookbook, provides meals for those nights when every minute counts. While her co-authored Eat REAL Cookbook 28-Day Kickstart brings your family’s health and taste buds to the next level with a whole new way of cooking, eating, and living!

Both books feature Zonya’s signature kitchen countertop easel and cooking-at-a-glance recipe format.


“I wish all cookbooks had this awesome easel – it’s so handy!”

“I cannot wait to have both of your cookbooks on my counter right next to each other – thanks to you and your team for all you do to keep us eating healthy for a long life!”

“I love the way the recipes are structured in the cookbooks. I wish all cookbooks were this easy to follow!!”

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