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Four Weeks of Lickety-Split Meals for Health Conscious
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If figuring out what to cook is the hardest part of making a meal, then here's the very best kind of kitchen relief. It's a free month of meals planning chart that uses recipes from my Lickety-Split Meals cookbook.

Think of all the time you'll save with a month of meals planned and ready for the making. Lickety-Split Meals recipes are also easy to make, delivering great taste, good nutrition and even more time-saving strategies.

Eat well. Be well. Enjoy!

Month of Meals Planning Chart If your cookbook looks like this click here for your free Month of Meals Planning Chart.




diet free cookbook If your cookbook looks like either of these click here for your free Month of Meals Planning Chart.



"Thank you! I can't wait to get it. I have been trying the recipes from the website! The Creamy Chicken Dijon was Great. My husband was raving. I even had him help like the cookbook said and he cut the asparagus. I love, love, love the way you write out the exact steps. I like to know what I should be doing while the water is boiling!! This is a dream cookbook. Thank you!"
- Busy Mother of two pre-school boys and part-time Research Analyst

"I love this book because it reinforces what I teach my Weight Watchers members in every meeting: how to live healthy." I wish this book was around when I went off to college, so I could easily learn how to eat healthy and take care of myself, and avoided years of roller coaster dieting."
- Linda Orbach, Motivational Speaker and Weight Watchers™ Leader