Are Your Taste Buds Hijacked?

What I mean is, do you prefer foods at a “commercially sweet” level? Or a “naturally sweet” level?

What difference does it make?

Something happened to me this week. That SHOCKED me. And made me realize something so powerful within me.

My husband and I were shopping at a home improvement store for our DIY project. The salesman was very chatty and nice in helping us pick out new flooring. As we were leaving, he handed us each a miniature-sized Mr. Goodbar chocolate bar.

I hadn’t had one of those in years! For good reason. While I am not opposed to an occasional sweet treat, I do (as a rule) only choose dark chocolate, and stay away from commercially manufactured sweets like cakes, pies, cookies and candy. But, I didn’t have the heart to reject the salesman’s kindness, so I accepted. My husband was much wiser. He said, “No thanks. But thanks anyway, Man!”

(Way to go, Hubby.)

As we got into the car, I decided while holding mine, “What the heck, it’s small, and it has peanuts!” I had such fond memories of eating these as a kid. Besides, I’m “DIET FREE,” which means if I really want something like this, occasionally I can. So, I broke it into two, and put half in my mouth.

In a second it started melting.

I could NOT BELIEVE what happened next.

My mouth was engulfed with… SWEET. Not delightfully sweet. Or naturally sweet. But DISGUSTINGLY SWEET. I even detected an artificial “vanilla” flavor heightening the intense sweetness. It was NOT PLEASANT to me… AT ALL.

And then I did the unthinkable. I opened the car door and spit it out onto the parking lot. I took a swig of water, swished and spit again. I shut the door and sat there in disbelief…

What just happened? Why didn’t I love that “treat” like I used to?

I then realized, by deciding to avoid manufactured sweets as a “rule of thumb,” I had won control over my own palate. This allowed ME to decide how sweet I like things. At some point in my past, I stopped letting the snack industry convince me that their perverse level of sweetness – oftentimes referred to as “bliss point” – was normal. In fact it was now anything BUT normal – or blissful – to me.

My next feeling was of pride. I realized it’s a GOOD thing that I have permanently (as long as I protect it) changed my taste buds to prefer healthy choices. I will never. I repeat never, be tempted by that “commercial” level of sweetness again! I will do as my husband did, and say, “No thank you, but thanks anyway!” And, instead, when I need something sweet, I will get myself an orange, or 70% dark chocolate, or one of my own home-baked, whole-grain, half the sugar, nutrient-rich baked goods.

What am I missing out on? NOTHING.

What am I gaining? EVERYTHING… when it comes to protecting my taste buds, my appetite for food that is good for me, and my health.

After hearing my story, here’s some questions I’d like for you to ask yourself:

  1. Is “un-hijacking” your taste buds possible for you?
  2. Would it have a positive impact on your health?
  3. What would it take to get yourself to this place? Would you have to give up ALL sweets? (I didn’t.)

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